Creating a Non Clickable Menu Item in WordPress 3.0

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Say you have a menu with Events at the top and then when you scroll over Events with your mouse a drop down menu appears with other pages related to Events. You want the Events “header” to not be a clickable link but to just show the drop down list and all the pages/posts listed under Events to go to their respective pages. Here’s how to do that!

Note: This post assumes you have already created a menu and know the basics of adding and assigning a menu to your site.

Creating a non clickable menu item

  1. In the Dashboard go to Appearance/Menus.
  2. Go to Custom Links:
    1. in the URL field remove the “http://” and replace it with “#“.
    2. in the Label field type in your menu item name (header).
    3. click Add to Menu button.
  3. Now drag and drop any pages/posts you would like to have as submenu items under the header menu item created in the above step (2C). Don’t forget to drag the submenu items to the right slightly so they are indented under the header menu item.

Be sure to Save Menu and then check your work by viewing the site.

2 thoughts on “Creating a Non Clickable Menu Item in WordPress 3.0

    • David as I stated in the beginning of the tutorial; you will need to have already created a menu to work with. Since you have not created a menu yet – you’re only option is to start creating a new menu. After that you can continue with the tutorial. For help creating menus follow the help guid located at the top right of your WordPress screen. I hope this helps.

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