Creating a Non Clickable Menu Item in WordPress 3.0

Say you have a menu with Events at the top and then when you scroll over Events with your mouse a drop down menu appears with other pages related to Events. You want the Events “header” to not be a clickable link but to just show the drop down list and all the pages/posts listed under Events to go to their respective pages. Here’s how to do that!

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Incorporating a WordPress Blog into an Existing HTML Web Site


I searched the web trying to find instructions on how to incorporate a WordPress Blog into my existing HTML web site. All the instructions I found were not what I was wanting; creating a WordPress blog to look like your web site and use it instead of a HTML web site. I finally found bits of instructions that actually incorporate a blog into an HTML site and here is everything put together to hopefully help someone else out trying to do the same thing.

What This Process Creates

  • A new WordPress Blog web site that resides inside of your HTML web site directory.
  • A new page on your HTML web site that displays the latest 3 posts of your external blog site.